Company Profile

M&P Mechanical is the perfect choice to provide quality mechanical services to all sectors of the construction industry. We pride ourselves to exceed our clients expectations at all times and to deliver projects on time, within budget and to the highest quality standards.

Our highly skilled, professional and dedicated workforce imparts excellence in projects delivery again and again. By doing this we have successfully built up an impressive list of clients, who continue to do business with us and refer new customers.

M&P Mechanical is committed to maintaining standards of excellence in all aspects of business. Large complex projects have been delivered in all sectors including Commercial, Industrial, Hotel, Residential, Retail and Mixed Developments.

M&P Mechanical believe that completing the project on time and within budget is merely half the work. This is why we have support team in place to assist the end users with any issues or questions they may have or working they need clarified.

The company has a positive and constructive attitude in the area of Client/Company relations and our staff are trained to respond to changing requirements of the customer at all times. By adherence to a well-defined set of policies M&P Mechanical continue to grow but keep the core values of company in place at all times:

  •  Supply the best product for the application
  •  Supply the most competent people for the project
  •  Let the best safe working practice model our company
  •  Lead all projects to a successful completion within budget
  •  Expand our understand of renewable energy
  •  Invest in our resources, team and services
  •  Expand our company responsibly

M&P Mechanical is poised to enjoy a sustained growth pattern and is rapidly earning a reputation as a leading Mechanical Engineering Contractor.

Managing Director

Mark O'Rourke

Services Engineer/
Operations Manager

Anthony O'Conaill