The High-Efficiency District Heating System at Trimbleston consists of 3 number gas fired boiler, 4 gas fired CHP unit and 2 number 2000L buffer vessels. This system was designed to comply with current building regulations to meet energy efficiency requirements. The system circulations through 2 number ‘mains’ 4” mid steel heating lines located in the basement of the building. The ‘mains’ heating lines deliver LPHW water to secondary pumps located at the bottom of each riser shift of which there is 6. From the secondary pump the LPHW water is pumped in to each apartment sub metering station and onwards in to the apartment radiators and hot water heat exchanger.

Alongside the District Heating pipework is a main water distribution network. Mains water held in a fully insulated format 30 tank with a total storage of 75,000 Litres. This water is then pressurized through a booster pump and pumped to each apartment via the fusion welded plastic mains water pipework.

In the installation of this system, future space was key, as there is a planned further 2 phases yet to be completed.

Scope of Works:
  • Supply & Installation of 3 number 250kW gas fire LPHW boiler
  • Supply & Installation of 2 number 5.5kW CHPs
  • Supply & Installation of 2 number 2000L fully installation buffer vessels
  • Supply & Installation of 10 number 3ph and/or 1ph circulation pumps
  • Supply & Installation of 3ph 4 pump mains water booster set
  • Supply & Installation of 75,000L format 30 water tank
  • Supply & Installation of District Heating & mains water distribution pipework
  • Supply & Installation of rigid High-efficiency thermal insulation Supply & Installation of 316 stainless steel flue from basement to top of building 5 storeys
  • Supply & Installation of Mechanical Control Centre panel.
  • Supply & Installation of Fire Hose Reel in basement.

Client: Sorohan Builders
Main Contractor: Sorohan Builders
Mechanical Consultant: McElligott Consulting Engineers
Mechanical Contractor: M&P Mechanical